Are Weeds Making Your Lawn Fungus Problem Look Minor?

Lawn fungus may not be the only obstacle in your way to that beautiful lawn you desire. Many of us also constantly battle weed problems in our yards. Weeds, like fungus, moss or brown patch can be very unsightly in your lawn and if left unchecked, will only increase in number and become even harder to control.

FIESTA Selective Weed now has a couple of good safe and environmentally friendly weed control options available to home owners for both selective and non selective weed control. For weeds growing right in your lawn, we now offer Fiesta turf weed killer which is an iron based selective herbicide that effectively kills a broad spectrum of weed species while not harming your lawn. Since this herbicide uses iron instead of toxic synthetic ingredients, it is safe for your children and pets to walk on as soon as it dries. For tougher weed problems, two applications of Fiesta may be required for maximum effectiveness.

We also now offer Axxe, our non-selective herbicide. Axxe non-selective herbicide is a great option for those weedy areas on patios or walkways where you want a non discriminate weed killer. Axxe carries NOP (National Organic Program) status so you can rest assured that it will not leave toxic residues behind after it is applied.

A good strategy for maintaining a weed-free lawn after you have applied Fiesta is to fertilize and water your lawn to get it growing vigorously. A vigorous growing lawn is much less likely to be susceptible to new weed growth and should also start to yield that thick luscious look you want!